About us

HUNNIA Co Ltd. is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989.

HUNNIA Co Ltd. is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989.

The long years of professional experience in the field of hunting enable us to organize excellent hunts in Hungary, Rumania and Slovenia.
The key to our success is that we organize hunting in 100 different state-owned and private hunting grounds of Hungary.
Our drives for wild boars and pheasants are organized in grounds that we have taken on lease for many years.

Registering company court: Kaposvári Törvényszék Cégbírósága

Registry Number: 14-09-300874 Central office: 8640 Fonyód, Schneider Doktor u. 1.


Dear Friends, dear Hunters:
Isn’t true that in these troubled days we are all chasing some aims that sometimes we don’t really know ourselves?

Rushing around in fast cars, with our mobile phones on day and right, unable to do anything without the aid of the PC or a Laptop; and so it is that we forget too often what friendship and love is about, we don’t have time for our families and we realize too late that Nature is a wonderful gift that God has given us.

Thanks God, we hunters still have the opportunity to hunt for magnificent red deer stags in the Transylvanian forests in Rumania, to wait for the charging wild boar on a clear winter day, or we can challenge our skills with some pheasants that fly, fast as a shot. In these moments, we often feel what it is to be lost in thought and feel a part of this beautiful nature.

We, the HUNNIA team, have been operating in the best hunting areas in Hungary and Transylvania for a long time.
We have forged reliable partnerships in these areas and so we would like to offer you our expert services to ensure that you have the most wondeful experiences and some unforgettable impressions of your life as a hunter.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you…

Yours sincerely,

Gábor Kanizsay
dipl. forestry engineer
owner of HUNNIA Ltd.


(Mobil: +36-30-93-67-200)
dipl. forestry engineer, owner of HUNNIA Ltd.