HUNNIA Co Ltd. is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989.

Thanks to the long years of professional experience in hunting, our company organizes excellent hunts in Hungary, Romania and Slovenia.

There are basically two secrets to the outstanding success of our hunts: We organize hunts in more than 100 hunting areas, which we have known for decades, and in our own excellent hunting area in Somogy, we organize both small game (pheasant and mallard) and big game hunts (red deer, roe deer, fallow buck and wild boar individual and driven hunts).

Court of registration: Kaposvár Court of Justice

Company registration number: 14-09-300874

Central office: 8640 Fonyód, Schneider Doktor u. 1.


In our rushing world both hunters and non-hunters, with our fast cars, our mobiles always in use and know-it-all computers, we are chasing a goal that is often unclear – even for us.

Meanwhile we forget to appreciate our friends and the people surrounding us. We can find ourselves neglecting the most important: our family. We often forget about our motherland, our environment, and the great gift of God – the breathtaking nature.

The Hunting commnunity have such an advantage to be immersed in nature and have the opportunity to hunt for roaring red deer stags in the peaks of Transylvanian mountains in Rumania, to listen to the sound of geese in the morning and the rustling of the wings of the ducks, to watch the group of wild boars to coming us silently in a driven hunt with friends on a clear winter day.

These occasions provide the best opportunities to clear our minds and feel that we are one with nature.

The team of HUNNIA, have been operating in the best hunting areas in Hungary and Transylvania for a long time.

Through our reliable partnerships in these areas, we are able to organize truly memorable and unforgettable hunts for our clients. In order to give you the best experience, we spend most of the time in our hunting grounds, guideing our guests on their hunts.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to ask for a personalized offer!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you…

Yours sincerely,

Gábor Kanizsay

dipl. forestry engineer

owner of HUNNIA Ltd.

Kanizsay Gábor

(Cell: +36-30-93-67-200)

dipl. forestry engineer, director and owner of HUNNIA Ltd.

Nagy Zsolt

(Mobil: +36-30-23-50-903)

dipl. forestry engineer, head of office