Our Services

ACCOMMODATION: We can present various qualities of accommodation for our guest-hunters from simple, but comfortable hunting lodges to luxury hunting lodges or hunting castles. Where there are no hunting lodges avaible we provide accommodation in small hotels or pensions not far from the territory. In every accommodation could be choose full board or partial board.

TRANSFER: We transfer our guests arriving by plane by car or bus depending on the number of guests.

JEEP: We also provide transportation during the hunting by jeep 4×4, horse carriage, sleigh, boat etc…

HUNTER GUIDE: During the hunting in all cases the guest-hunter is guided by a professional hunter, who usually speaks German, English (as request an interpreter could help to communicate).

INTERPRETER: For our guests – as request – we organize an interpreter to welcome at the airport and guide them during their staying here.

HUNNIA REPRESENTATION: Our HUNNIA representative stands by the guest-hunter during all the hunting or at the settlement of account.

TROPHY EXPORT: In that case of our guests would like to export their trophies after the hunting, we provide the neccessary documents – after the official trophy measurement.
As request we undertake the transportation of the trophies to abroad.

INVITATION LETTER & GUN IMPORT: For the gun import for our EU Guests is enough their EU Gun Passport. For the non-EU Guest we send the invitation letter neccessary to the importation of the arms for our guest-hunters before their hunting. In case of arriving by airplane our representative welcomes them with completed permits at the airport customs.

AMMUNITION: For the small game shootings we can provide the requied quantity and calibre shotshells according to a previous agreement.

TURISTIC PROGRAMMES: During the day or after the hunting we organize different programmes (such sightseeing, horse- and folk-lore programmes, excursions, thermal-bath, etc…) depending on the claim of our visitors.

HOTEL IN BUDAPEST: We can also organize booking rooms in different hotels in Budapest and sightseeing tours as well.

Important notes

According to the decrees concerning foreign citizens in terms of hunting in Hungary, only persons above 18 years old, with valid gun and hunting license validated in their home country and can hunt with hunting license issued by the Hungarian authorities. The precondition of obtaining a hunting license is a valid hunting contract valid gun license (also in the case of arrow and bow) and border pass for the gun and valid hunter liability insurance. Foreign citizens can sign an agreement (valid only in written form) with our hunting agency. Non-EU foreign citizens are to present their letter of invitation issued by the hunting contract. The letter of invitation is issued and mailed by our hunting agency prior to this to the foreign party. After obtaining this registered letter of invitation, the valid gun license issued in the home country of the hunter, presenting the passport and paying the duty, the customs office issues the border pass license for the gun that is valid for 90 days and the gun(s) can be kept in Hungary only during this period. The license is to be kept during the whole stay in Hungary and it is to be left at the border, certifying that the gun has been taken out of the country. Should the license be missing, the customs office initiates an examination. The EU citizens are allow to entry to Hungary with their valid  EU Gun Passport.

Of the effective regulations applying to each hunter, the most important one is that only guns as long as 45 centimeters or longer can be used for hunting in Hungary. The specifications of guns used for hunting big games are the following: minimum 2500 joule speed, with closed socket or 1000 joule speed gun for roe. It is obligatory to abide by the specified types of cartridge and diameters of cartridge. Only three cartridges can be loaded into semi-automatic shot-guns. Shot-guns can only be used for small games, expect boar. Arrow is allowed for hunting red deer, fallow-deer, mouflon, roe and boar. It is prohibited to use automatic and semi-automatic ball-cartridge guns for hunting, to use silencer, electronic-optical device at night, luring animals by electric acoustic device, to use alive animal for baits, to use searchlight (expect in the case of hunting boars or foxes at night to eliminate damage caused by animals) or to use arrow with warhead or poisonous arrow-head. During individual hunting, there is an opportunity for hunting from coach, lurk, boat, by stalking. Group hunting can be stalking or driving small games or big games.

Flying small game can be shot in the air, hares on the run. It is prohibited to shoot at moving big game (expect wild boar) but wounded big games can be shot at while running as well. When hunting with arrow, motionless hare can also be shot at. It is prohibited to hunt from engine-driven water vehicle, from artificially dug pit (expect water fowl), to drive red deer and fallow-deer stag, roebuck and mouflon ram. Foreign hunters are allowed to hunt only accompanied by official Hungarian hunters. During hunting the guest has to abide by the instructions of the accompanying hunter and can only shoot at games specified in his license. In the case of hunting small games or hunting big games in group, the guest can stay in his place alone as well. Since most problems occur during the individual hunting of small games (within this the hunting of water-fowl), the guest hunters are recommended to study the list of small games prohibited to shoot so that they can avoid faulty shooting and offending against the Hungarian laws concerning hunting and environment protection. Trophy measurment obligatory within 30 days is required in the case of trophies of red stag, fallow stag, roebuck, mouflon and boar fang.

The license required for border pass is recorded in the hunting license. The authority issues a certificate and a medal about the trophy if it exceeds the score limit and if the game was shot as specified in the regulations. In case the trophy is regarded as a national treasure, the hunter receives a copy of the trophy and compensation specified in the decrees. A trophy like this can be taken out of the country with a ministry license only.


  1. When I can call the office?
    You can call our office on each work-day from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Holidays in Hungary:
    – Our national festivals: 15thMarch, 20thAugust, 23rd October
    – Religious and other holidays: 1st January, Easter Monday, 1st May, Whitsuntide Monday,
      1st November,  25th & 26th December
  2. How can I reach recent news and informations?
    Receiving the filled up registration form to be found in the Registration we will send detailed informations for the inquirers.
  3. What shall I do with my comments or proposal related to your web-side?
    We are looking forward to receiving your comments or proposals, please send that to our e-mail address.
  4. What kind of details are neccessary to organize my hunting?
    To take out the Hungarian hunting licence we need the following documents: the copies of passport or ID, gun permit (EU Gun Pass), national hunting licence.
  5. How can I enter to Hungary with my weapons?
    For our Non EU citizen guest-hunters we will send an Invitation letter after signing of the Contract for Shooting. By presenting this letter at the Customs they will be given a Weapon Importation Permit by the Hungarian custom authorities.
    For your special request we can send the completed importation permit to your address in advance as well.
    Our guest-hunters from the EU are allowed to entry with their EU Gun Passport.
  6. How can I get to the hunting-ground?
    For our guest-hunters come by their own car we send a specified route to find the meeting point easily.
    Our guest-hunters arriving by plane will be welcomed at the airport by our representatives who will give assistance in declaring weapons at the customs. After all these the hunters will be taken to the hunting-ground by the vehicles (vans) of HUNNIA or rented buses.