HUNNIA Co Ltd. is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989.

About us

HUNNIA Co Ltd. is the first private hunting agency in Hungary, founded in the year of 1989.

Thanks to the long years of professional experience in hunting, our company organizes excellent hunts in Hungary, Romania and Slovenia.

There are basically two secrets to the outstanding success of our hunts: We organize hunts in more than 100 hunting areas, which we have known for decades, and in our own excellent hunting area in Somogy, we organize both small game (pheasant and mallard) and big game hunts (red deer, roe deer, fallow buck and wild boar individual and driven hunts).

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You can call our office on each work-day from 8 am. to 4.30 pm.

Holidays in Hungary:

– Our national holidays: 15th March, 20th August, 23rd October

– Religious and other holidays: 1st January, Easter Monday, 1st May, Pentecost, 1st November, 25th & 26th December

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To get the Hungarian hunting licence we need the following data: the name of the hunter, address,  the place and date of birth,  passport/ID number and the number of valid gun passport, the brand, calibre and serial number of their weapon(s) and the amount of the imported cartridges.

In the case of citizens of an EU member state: they can freely enter Hungary and Slovenia with their own European Union gun passport, an invitation letter is required to enter Romania, which we send to our hunting guests before the trip.

In the case of a citizen of a non-EU member state: Before the trip, we send out an invitation letter, with the help of which a Weapons Import Permit is issued at the Hungarian border by presenting your own personal and weapon documents.

For guests arriving by their own car, we send a detailed itinerary to find the meeting point easily.

Our clients arriving at the airport are greeted by our representatives who will give assistance in declaring weapons at the customs. Afterwards, the hunters are transported to the hunting ground by the vans of HUNNIA or rented buses.