The South Carpathians

The southern part of the Transylvanian Carpathians is the 500 kms long South Carpathians. The highest peaks of Rumania can be found here as well, some peaks exceed the 2500 meters height above the sea-level.

All the species of big games with fairly nice and large trophies appear in this montainous region, but the real speciality of the South Carpathians is the strongest ”hooked” chamois population in the world.

The best season of shooting chamois is between 1st October and 10th November. Apart from chamois, stag can be hunted. The hunting of this is similar to that taken down at the East Carpathians unit.

Our hunting-grounds are under the management of the county state forestry.

These are the followings:

  • Bucec-mountains
  • Fagaras-mountains
  • Retezat-mountains
Lodgings can be found in comfortable hunting-lodges of the forestry where hunting-fields take about a half or an hour long way from.

The East Carpathians

This beautiful hunting-ground lies on the eastern boarderland of Transylvania, in the centre of Rumania. The mountanious region, situated on the north of Brasov, is on the territory of Covasna and Harghita county inhabited by Hungarians.

The highest peaks of the two parallel mountain ranges reach the 1800 meters height above the sea-level.

Hunting ususally takes place at 800-1500 meters. The Carpathians are the only islands of Europe where the human civilization has not broken the peace of nature yet.

We have huntings in the following areas:

State-owned forestry hunting-grounds: Ivo, Toplita, Georgheni, Baraolt, Cormos, Zagon,

Hunting-grounds owned by hunting associations: Toplita, Cristuru Secuiesc.

The following games can be hunted in the area:

Brown bear: the best brown bear population of Rumania and of Europe as well lives in this area. Hunting is proceeded from high-seat or in beating, from hide in autumn and in spring, in beating only in the autumn season, only with a special permit.

Red deer stag: Carpathian stag is unique in Europe as stags with large antlers do not exist in other mountainous regions. Antlers of 8-10 kgs are not unusual at all and some of our lucky hunters have shot stags over 12 kgs as well. Hunting is held in the roaring above 1000 meters, between 20th September and 5th October.

Capercaillie: The mating of capercaillie happens in the last few days of April, in the pine-forest at 1200-1500 meters. Hunting capercaillies demands hunters in good phisical condition, the early morning stalking is one or two-hour-long climbing on steep slopes to approach the lekking places.

Wolf, wild boar: The killing of these two kinds of game often takes place in the same hunting as both of them can be shot from a hide or in beating.

Lodgings in the East Carpathians are highly comfortable hunting-lodges, occasionally small guest-houses.

The hunting-grounds can be reached from Bukarest by air and by 3-5-hour-long transfer by car, or from Hungary by a 7-hour drive from the Hungarian-Rumanian boarder.