Waiting and stalking for roe bucks with middle sized antlers in Somogy county, to the south of Lake Balaton

We recommend Somogy county (on the south of Lake Balaton) to those hunters who wish to shoot roe bucks with small and medium sized antlers. The hunting-grounds’ are of 3000 to 7000 hectares, covering 30-40% of acacia and oak forests. Between the smaller thickets, reedy and rushy spots there are also agricultural fields. In this region, our guests shoot approximately 200-220 bucks in a year, most of them being of 250-400 grams. The average weight of the trophies is 320 grams, but every year there are a couple of trophies over 400 grams. In the morning hours, the hunt mostly consists of stalking, while in the afternoon jeeps and high seats are rather dominant. In some of the territories there is an opportunity to hunt with horsed carriage. Due to the relaxed style of hunting, it is possible to bring down 4-6 roe bucks in 3 days. Thanks to the natural endowments, the hunt for roe bucks can be easily combined with sitting up for wild boars. Accommodation: there are several smaller, comfortable hunting lodges and private pensions available for our guests.

Middle sized bucks at the foot of Mátra mountains

In the Mátra mountains’ region, 60-80 kms to the north-east of Budapest, we have several hunting-grounds. The landscape of this vine-district is strongly marked by the vineyards. The hunting-grounds near Gyöngyös and Hatvan have several advantages.

Firstly: due to the natural endowment – the fact that the Great Plain begins at the foot of the mountain – makes a wide scale of hunting style options possible, from buck stalking in the forest to jeep hunt in the plain.

Our guests shoot 150-200 roe buck per year in the area. The trophies are usually between 300-450 grams but some over 500 grams are not unusual either. The average weight is over 350 grams.

Other important factor that we shouldn’t leave out of consideration is that coming from Vienna, you can reach the area driving on the highway (M1, M3) and the Budapest Airport is also only at a 80 kms distance from the hunting-ground.

In the autumn, we can also organize small game hunts for pheasants, ducks and hares in the same area. It’s worth spending some time visiting the touristic sights of the neighbourhood (Eger, Mátrafüred, Hollóko, Gödöllo), too.


  • Hotel in Gyöngyös city
  • at the elegant castle of Fenyőharaszt
  • at little pensions, private lodges

Hunting roebuck in the woody areas of the Great Hungarian Plain

We recommend our hunting-grounds 230-290 kms north-east from Budapest in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county to hunters who wish to take the opportunity of stalker form of hunting besides the flat, open country shooting from jeeps.

Our guests shoot 150-200 roe buck per year in the area. The trophies are usually between 300-400 grams but some over 500 grams are not unusual either. The average weight is over 350 grams. The 30-40% of the hunting-grounds are covered by woods. Small plots and varied agricultural production are typical of the area.

There are small spots of woods among the agricultural fields as well.

On a three-day-long hunting about 5-9 nice roe bucks can be shot.


In first-class hunting-lodges, in comfortable rustic country-pensions and in small hotels.

Capital bucks on the Great Hungarian Plain

The Hungarian roe deer population is the best quality all over the world, particulary our roe deer population of the lowlands is the best within the country. On one hand, it is set down to the fact of the excellent natural endowment, also of the agricultural fields providing plentiful food, and on the other hand, to the high-standard game management. It is worth to mention that, according to the Hungarian principles of game management, the bucks over 350 grams can only be shot at the age of 6-7 in order to maintain good quality. Thanks to this, in the last 40 years, Hungarian Plain bucks are placed high up in the world ranking list.

Our hunting-grounds are in Szolnok, Békés, Hajdú-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties. The average size of the hunting-grounds is of 5000-12000 hectares, and there are 2-3 professional hunters directing the hunt. The average trophy weight is of 350-450 grams, but bucks over 500-550 grams are not rare either.

Thanks to the quick and comfortable hunting from jeep, up to 10-15 roe bucks may be taken in a 3-days-hunting. Of course, we have to mention that due to the few hiding places, many times it’s neccessary to shoot to a distance of 150-250 meters. Most bucks are killed in the beginning of the hunting season, until middle of May, but in the rutting period (beginning of August) there are also favourable conditions to take some roe bucks.


Usually in small hotels, pensions near the hunting-ground or in simple hunting lodges in the territory.

Pheasant and hare hunting

Shooting pheasant and hare in the Great Hungarian Plane

The eastern part of Hungary forms a huge, continous plain with an intensive cultivation of grain and corn. In this area we are able to provide excellent brown hare and pheasant shooting opportunities for groups of 4-12 persons.

The daily bag is between 15-20 pieces of game/hunter. Half of the bag contains hare and the other half is pheasant.

We organize shootings to different territories of private hunting associations, these fields vary in size from 5000 to 15000 ha.

Apart from the shooters there are also 8-15 beaters taking part with dog-leaders among them as well.

Huntings are held in the form of walking up shooting, but sometimes – for the sake of a better result – some of the shooters block the way of the hares and pheasants not to escape from the beat too early.

The accommodation is usually provided in small hotels and pensions in a 20 kms area around the hunting-grounds.

Although the beginning of the hunting season 1st October we suggested arriving after 15th October.

Shooting hare is permitted until 31st December, pheasant is until end of February. In some areas we can extend the hunting by shooting driven mallard in the morning or afternoon

Our hunting-grounds:

  • a 80 kms east from Budapest, the environs of Gyöngyös and Hatvan
  • a 100 kms east from Budapest, the environs of Szolnok,
  • a 180 km south-east from Budapest, the environs of Debrecen

Driven shooting high flying pheasants in HUNNIA’s territory

Our company has been organizing excellent driven pheasant shootings for years, on its own leased areas. The success of our shootings is guaranteed thanks to the experience of our professional hunters and the conscientious care for every single detail. We can reach a daily bag of 300-1500 pheasants in the driven shooting. In every shooting area, there are good working dogs helping us succeed. In our drives, we organize 7-10 beats a day, and provide the hunters with one loader person and a dog-leader per numbered shooting position stand.

Usually lunch is served in the hunting-ground, in a pleasant atmosphere: it consist of hot goulash soup or some barbecue, followed by cakes, coffee and tea.

Until the end of November, the hunt can be combined with driven mallard shooting, and after that date with boar driving.

Our territory is located:

140 kms on the south-west of Budapest, on the South coast of Lake Balaton.


in Fonyód, at our first class hunting lodge and surrounding buildings with all together 14 rooms

Fallow deer and mouflon hunt

Fallow deer and mouflon hunt

In Hungary there are excellent possibilities to hunt both fallow bucks and mouflon rams. Our fallow bucks’ hunt is organized on the territory of two state forestry companies.

1. In GÚTH, 20 kms from Debrecen, where in the hunting-gruond which has got an extension of more than 10000 hectares, the guest hunters coming from abroad bring down 40-50 bucks in a year. In 1991, a 6.40 kgs 233.11 C.I.C. scores fallow deer has been shot here, and this buck was the world record holder until 2002 October, when has brought down also here the new world recorder, 5.43 kgs and 237.63 C.I.C. scores fallow buck. It is not only the excellent deer population, but also the highly qualitified professional hunters’ job that makes the hunting so successful.


in the hunting-ground, at a hunting lodge that satisfies every requirement.

Another outstanding fallow deer population lives in the South Transdanubia, on the hunting ground of the GYULAJ Forestry Company, 280 bucks are brought down in a year, and here it’s not rare either to find a trophy over 4 kgs. During the hunt, we offer several comfortable 1st class hunting lodges for accommodation of our guests.

We also organize successful hunts in the neighbourhood of Budapest, in the forests of Pilis mountains. The greatest bucks are between 4-5 kgs and there is also a possibility to hunt in fenced area, too. During the autumn and winter fallow buck hunt there is opportunity to bring down medal mouflon ram or wild boar.

We organize mouflon hunts in the Mátra mountains and the hills of Gödöllő. The hunting possibilities are excellent in every territory, and in addition to the gold medal rams.


in the very heart of the hunting grounds, at hunting lodges or private pensions that satisfy every requirement.

Big stags and boar drives

Big stags and boar drives with huge daily bag in the Southern part of Hungary, in the world famous Gemenc

Gemenc Forest and Game Co. Ltd. is one of the biggest state owned companies in Hungary being engaged in the management of hunting territories. This hunting field of 72,000 hectares is located in the Southern part of the country where the River Danube leaves Hungary.

The forest company manages one of Europe’s largest flood-basin forests. The hunting grounds are on the two sides of the Danube and based on the characteristics, can divided into three areas: Gemenc, Béda-Karapancsa and Hajós-Baja.

The hunting field is the habitat of red deer well know all over the world. Various record-size trophies exemplify the success of the deer system of Gemenc Co. Ltd. The biggest one shot in 1986 and awarded with 271.00 C.I.C. points which at that time was the world record-holder of red deer trophies.

A great population of wild boars is living in this hunting ground. The capabilities of the area enables a bag of 10-20 wild boars with 10 hunters each day in an open-area beating and 60-100 boars in fenced area.


in comfortable hunting lodges in the middle of the forest or a luxury hunters’ castle in Karapancsa.

Big stags and boar driving with huge bags in the hilly Kereki and its surroundings, on the south of Lake Balaton

The most significant part of the world famous Hungarian red deer population lives in the South-West of the country, in the Dunántúli and Zala hills, lying in the south of Lake Balaton. There is cultivated land lying between the acacia and oak forests that cover the hills. The 12000 hectares hunting-ground of Kereki has got excellent natural endowments. It’s situated on the South coast of Lake Balaton, at a distance of 20 kms from Siófok and is managed by SEFAG shareholding company. Near Kereki, we also dispose of further 3-6000 hectare areas which have the same characteristics as a Kereki itself.

In the dawns resounding of roaring stags, every hunter gets some lasting memories of the beautiful experience. In this hunting-ground, the biggest stags’ antlers achieve a weight of 11-12 kgs. Every year there are 50 stags brought down. During the day, it is possible to shoot driven mallard on a lake that we are leasing approximately 35 kms away from the hunting-ground.

Thanks to the great wild-boar population and the excellent farming, in this ground there is also a possibility of organizing wild boar drivings. In the open territory, 10-12 hunters can reach a bag of 10-20 pieces; while in the three fenced area, a hundred boars may be shot in one day.


in quiet and comfortable private hunting-lodges, or in our hunters' castle, at a distance of 20 kms from the hunting-ground.

Boar driving

From the middle of November until the end of the hunting season there are excellent opportunities to organize big and small drives in our territories.

Thanks to the excellent game population and the high standard management of the area, in the last years we’ve been able to offer a quite secure guarantee of the bag to satisfy the requirements of each group. We organize boar drives both in open and fenced areas. A great advantage of our hunt is that in the neighbourhood of each and every area of ours there’s also a possibility of hunting pheasants and mallards, so the different kinds of hunting can be combined according to the demand of the group. Due to the aboundant opportunities eventually 4 days of driving may be organized in the hunting-grounds that are situated close to each other. We usually make 3-6 drives a day, depending on the weather and the size of the area included in the beat. In the boar drives, according to the number of group members, a bag of 5-15 pieces/day can be expected in the open areas, while in the closed hunting-grounds the same number can reach 40-100 pcs/day. In some of the areas, red deer hinds and fallow does can be brought down in the small drive.

Our hunting-grounds are located:

in Somogy county, on the south of Lake Balaton in Zala county


at first class hunting lodges that satisfy every requirement